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Geddit ft. Hebrews Skit #4: God has provided…

Dr. Barry Webb: Support the ministry in CERC

Geddit ft. Hebrews Skit #3: We’re all going…

David Peterson’s Birthday Wish for CERC (2018)

Stephen Wellum’s Birthday Wish for CERC (2018)

Anja Lijcklama’s Birthday Wish For CERC (2018)

Rev. Philip Jensen: Talk 1 - The Friends of God…

CERC Original Song: Keep Us Faithful

Geddit ft. Hebrews Skit #2: Jesus is Glorious…

Geddit ft. Hebrews Skit #1: When God saves, he…

Original Song: 5 Solas

Dr. Stephen J. Wellum: A message of support for…

Little People 2017

"Forever" Performance

"Spoken Word" Performance

Geddit 2017, Skit #3: Jesus, sin and you

Geddit 2017, Skit #2: Jesus, the truth and you

Geddit 2017, Skit #1: Jesus, the law and you

CERC: Dr David Peterson on the Reformation

CERC Camp 2015: Mission

Geddit 2016, Skit #5: Justified by faith

Geddit 2016, Skit #2: The truth about the lie

"It's About The Cross" Performance

CERC Turns 7: True = Different

Geddit 2015, Skit #5: The road to glory: get…

Geddit 2015, Skit #4: The kind of person who…

Geddit 2015, Skit #2: A real hope: your capable…

CERC 7th Anniversary: We Preach Christ Crucified…

CERC 7th Anniversary: Grace As A Gift by Jeremy…

CERC 7th Anniversary: 1 Corinthians 15:58 by…

Geddit #1 Interviews John

Geddit #1 Interviews Carolyn

Geddit #1 Interviews Grace

Geddit #1 Interviews Joshua

Geddit #1 Interviews Vincent

"It's gonna be alright" skit performance

CERC Camp 2013: True Grit

Erin speaks on the church

Winnie speaks on the church

Daniel speaks on the church

Ken speaks on the church

Victor speaks on the church

Joo Hui speaks on the church

Melvin & Zech speak on the church

Foundation Day 2013 - Video presentation

Children's Ministry Prayer

Youth Group Prayer

Prayer for Campus Ministry

Prayer for the Adults and Families

New Members Swearing In (August 2012)

Zechariah week 1 prayer

A prayer for the church

"What Amazing Love" song performance

"The Gospel" by Shai Linne (cover)

"You Are My Son" song performance

"Born to Shop" song performance


A Poem by Bangsar GG

"Where is the Love?" a musical by TGG 1

A Skit by TGG 2

A Skit by TGG 3

Little People 2012

Jesus Is Alive Rap Cover

Heidelberg Catechism Rap Beatbox Cover

Good Friday 2011 - Q&A Atonement Rap Cover