Welcome Batch J! | Christ Evangelical Reformed Church (CERC)

Welcome Batch J!

Not too long ago, CERC had the pleasure of adding 16 new names to its membership roll. The 16 new members were by far the single largest group in CERC history to join the church membership from one cohort.

CERC thanks God for each member, from the youngest being a 17 year old student to the most senior - a father in his 50s, who decided to take this step of commitment towards God and this local church in Klang Valley.

Although the cohort was sworn in during different times - the first batch during Easter Sunday and the next batch a few weeks later - they shared in the same joyous sentiments on becoming a part of the CERC family.

Batch J

Here are some thoughts expressed by the cohort on membership and the church:

“I appreciate how each membership class I went to taught me more and more of who God is. It was real for me. Christianity is not just a personal relationship. It is God?s people gathered to do God?s work. It is who I am, my identity. Everything I do is Christian? everything.”

May Ling

“I?ve come to understand what ?church? actually means. It is the whole package of being here, learning good theology and putting it into practice. It sometimes requires a lot of tough love.?


“Membership allows me to express the type of local church commitment that is consistent with my confession of Jesus as Lord. Jesus saved me into His church and being part of the body of Christ must show itself in actually being committed to a local church. Just as a man loves a woman by committing to her in marriage, so also am I committing myself to building up the church of Christ.”


“I?ve learned a lot on love over the last 2 years. I used to think that love was about feelings, affection, how you feel or even how you make the other person feel. It was very economical. Christian love is not like that. It is about whether you love God and whether your brother and sister love God - it is the concern for each other?s maturity in Christ.?

Jou Ee

“This is a gospel-centered community that is always reforming. It is a place where I am committed to being sustained for the sake of the glory of God.”


“I have learnt what Christian love actually is through the membership course. Prior to it, I thought that Christianity is about me and Jesus. I have never brought church into the picture. Learning the gospel accurately has taught me to love people instead of just myself.”


“What struck me the most throughout the membership course is I realise how a church has to have nature, nurture and structure. I previously thought of church as just ?attendance?. I didn?t even know that Jesus was the head of the church!”


“Christ has sacrificially paid the penalty of sins for the church. It is my privilege and joy to be a member of CERC - to serve a community who is dearly loved by him.”


“Just as Christ is the head of His church, He has called me to obedience to Him, to love His commands and His people. Under His lordship, there is no better place to glorify my Lord other than being a servant of His church, CERC.”


“CERC stands up for the gospel and through this church I can see biblical values being upheld. I see godly men and women struggling to live holy lives and growing in maturity of Christ. I see the accountability and responsibility for the sake of Christ and His Church. I want to be served and serve this church.”


“Being a member means commitment - it is something serious and I have to be accountable to the church. I am now a part of this body of Christ and I have a role to play.”


“I want to be a part of CERC, to be accountable to other brothers and sisters-in-Christ, to be submissive to honest rebuke and loving discipline and to continue to know God more by being under the teaching of the Word. I want to love Christ by edifying his church.”


“I found the membership course difficult because I don?t have a good command of English. Many times, I needed my son to explain concepts and words in simpler English to me. But I love the gospel-centered teaching in CERC.”


“I want to be part of this church because Christ is my King and it is a church where Christ?s will is understood by His word through the Holy Spirit. I?m glad that I?m finally part of this family in an official manner.”


“Thank God for bringing me to this church. When the day comes and God calls us name by name, I am glad to have been a part of this church.?


“I hope that I will continue growing as a disciple of Christ and to love to all members of CERC while balancing my family life at the same time.”

Mei Yee