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Supporters Updates

Thank you CERC! A Basic Ministry Trainee’s Experience

My name is Ai Lyn and I am currently a membership candidate at CERC. I am from the little island of Penang, and first came to CERC in the 2nd year of my tertiary studies. Just a few years later, I was given the privilege to serve & be trained in CERC’s Basic Ministry Training (BMT) programme.

A Moment in BMT, A Lifetime of Ministry

Meet Soo Jia Ying and Choong Mun Vee. Jia Ying and Mun Vee lodge under the same roof, sometimes wear matching outfits to church, and most importantly, share the same ardour for God! In line with that spirit, the two young women have resolved to live under the Lordship of Christ, no matter what paths their lives may lead them down. In order to equip themselves for the arduous path to the outside (Heb 13:10-14), they became the two most recent trainees of our Basic Ministry Training programme (BMT), a full-time programme designed for Christians to experience serving the church as part of the staff for a period of up to one year. We recently spoke with the two of them about their experiences under BMT thus far.

Celebrating 10 years of Christ-centred, God-glorifying ministry at CERC Camp 2018

CERC Camp in 2018 took the church with its family and friends east to Cherating, Pahang. The 4-day-3-night camp saw a record number of campers totalling some 400 people. In many ways, it was a special time this year in Cherating as CERC celebrated the 10th anniversary of its founding on August 31st, 2018. We were blessed to have Reverend Phillip Jensen as our guest speaker for this year’s camp topic on Relationships.

Celebrating the CERC babies!

At CERC we’re engaged in God’s great mission to gather a people for Himself through Christ (Matthew 28:18-20).
In this article, you will find individuals from our congregation that by God’s grace received the gospel through the preaching of His Word, and who are now living for this same mission as Christians serving Him. We hope you’d be encouraged by their stories!

CERC welcomes Jia Ying into the Basic Ministry Trainee Programme

CERC welcomes our new Basic Ministry Trainee (BMT), Soo Jia Ying from our F4 Tertiary Growth Group.

Celebrating 10 years with the 10th CMA apprentice

In the span of 10 years, CERC is blessed to have had 10 individuals join the Church Ministers’ Apprenticeship (CMA) programme. For a church that was founded in 2008 with a gathering of just 25 people during the first few months, we recognise that God has powerfully worked in CERC to raise up many passionate Christians who are willing to take up the challenge of testing out full-time paid ministry in service to Christ.

Visiting Vanessa at Moore Theological College

On a drizzly late afternoon in Sydney, Vanessa Ong, our seminarian at Moore Theological College greeted me at the college entrance. She was beaming from ear to ear, happy to meet a fellow member from her church family after being away overseas for some time.

CERC wraps up its 9th year of ministry in the Klang Valley

As CERC wraps up its 9th year of ministry in the Klang Valley, we have much to thank God for. The church congregation has multiplied to a crowd of over 300 weekly; with significant growth coming from the Central campus.

Basic Ministry Training (BMT) at CERC: Emerlyn Khong

Emerlyn tells us about her own #CERCStory, particularly about her time during BMT in CERC.

Jordan: It started with pizza...

Jordan Hidajat, a friend of CERC, will bid the church farewell as he returns to Indonesia after completing his tertiary education here in Monash University. After 4.5 years in Malaysia, Jordan shares with us his experience as a first time attendee in CERC, which grew into attending the church regularly a year later and finally, becoming a member of the church.

GEDDIT 2016 kicks off in newly renovated Central campus

CERC kicks off Week 1 of the GEDDIT series in the newly renovated Central campus in Bandar Sunway. The first GEDDIT session saw the hall at maximum capacity, with 270 people seated in the expanded hall listening to the gospel over a three course dinner prepared by the in-house kitchen team.

A life of servanthood

CERC’s second apprentice, Daniel Lu, recently completed his Ministry Training Strategy (MTS) assessment after undergoing a four-year apprenticeship stint. Daniel’s training took a longer duration than the programme requires, but he has no regrets about it.

Having completed his apprenticeship, Daniel has greater clarity about what ministry he is suitable for and he is now focusing on training to be in some of the various pastoral ministries in CERC.

Here, we speak to Daniel, who reflects on the key lesson he has learned during his time in ministry. He emphasises that the servanthood attitude does not only apply to those in full-time paid ministry but also to Christians working in secular jobs. His rationale was simple – Jesus deserves it.

Now, Daniel is pursuing his Bachelor of Theology under Ridley College’s online programme. He plans to continue his education in Melbourne after the second year of his degree.

HODs Get Together at Bukit Tinggi

Last November, CERC’s heads of departments (HoDs) got together at Grace Hill in Bukit Tinggi away from the hustle and bustle of the Klang Valley for a time of reflection, learning and fellowship.

7th Anniversary Greeting from Rev. Dr. David Peterson

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, it has been a pleasure to share fellowship with you on two occasions now. I am thankful to God for the growth in your numbers and the maturity of so many. On this anniversary occasion, let me remind you that in the book of Acts we are told that the gospel flourishes through suffering, conflict and opposition (6:7; 9:31; 12:24; 19:20). At a personal level, the apostle Paul encourages new believers to continue in the faith, saying that ’through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God’ (Acts 6:21). So we must be realistic about the difficulties, but confident in God and the gospel to fulfill his great purpose in bringing into his kingdom ‘a great multitude that no one could number’ (Rev 7:9), including many from Malaysia! May God continue to bless you with faithfulness and perseverance.

CERC welcomes its fifth MTS apprentice!

We welcome Adrian Miller on board as the fifth apprentice of CERC’s Ministry Training Strategy (MTS) program!

Goodbyes and Welcome Back! (Part 2)

In the second part of our “Goodbyes and Welcome back!” series, we meet Gan Siew Mun who has moved to Singapore with her husband.

Welcome Batch J!

Not too long ago, CERC had the pleasure of adding 16 new names to its membership roll. The 16 new members were by far the single largest group in CERC history to join the church membership from one cohort.

Goodbyes and Welcome Back! (Part 1)

In the last year, we?ve said goodbye to Gerry Yeoh and Gan Siew Mun while we welcomed back Elden Pan. Here is the first of this series where we speak to these individuals on their time in CERC.

A gift for ministry pursued

CERC’s first Ministry Training Strategy (MTS) apprentice Jerome Leng has graduated from his apprenticeship and is now pursuing his theological education through Boyce College, the undergraduate school of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. In this interview, he shares with us his experience as an apprentice.

A Kindergarten Principal of True Christian Grit

CERC was recently taught to be courageous in Christ at the annual CERC Camp and we are pleased to feature a Christian who exemplified this recently in her work.

Momentous moments in CERC

This recent Foundation Day was celebrated with a look back at the many memorable moments CERC has had. Many CERC-ians shared that the day they became members and took a pledge to ?do all things in devotion and faith in Christ for God?s glory? was most memorable for them. Others talked about the fun times we’ve had as a church, and still others loved Combined Growth Groups nights, where the best creative performances are concocted from months of studying the scriptures. Here are some of the other memorable interviews.

Christmas 2013 Greetings

Greetings dear friends and supporters.

As the year draws to a close, we look forward as a church to another opportunity of preaching the gospel this Christmas. For our church as well, we will be reminded again of Christ and His centrality to our existence as His church.

Thinking Theologically Conference 2013: Rekindling the attention to God's word

In the Thinking Theologically Conference (TTC) that concluded a month ago, we caught up with husband and wife duo, Joshua Hooi and Leong Mei Yee, who returned from TTC a little more convicted on the idea of a local church. Here, they relate their first TTC experience with our resident reporter, sharing how the conference renewed their understanding of the church and realign their perspective.

Thinking Theologically Conference 2013: Theology = Lifeblood of the Church

We had a chat with TTC producer and pastor-teacher of CERC Robin Gan. He strongly believes that Christians need to learn how to think theologically, describing theology as the “life blood of the church”. Robin gave us some insight on why and how TTC has been beneficial for this local body.

Thinking Theologically Conference 2013: The Church - An Infographic

An Infographic of Thinking Theologically Conference 2013: The Church

Dr. Stephen J. Wellum: A message of support for CERC

Dr. Stephen J. Wellum of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary gives a message of encouragement to the church to stand firm in the gospel and asks those who desire to see gospel growth in this region to support the ministry of CERC.

Robin interviewed by Dan King

Dan King, staffworker from the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students in Monash University Melbourne interviewed Pastor Robin recently to share his insights with the Malaysian students currently studying in Melbourne.

Ministry and money (1 Cor. 9)

In this sermon from our series on 1 Corinthians, Robin explains the need for support of gospel work and gives some updates on the church’s financial standing.

Dr. Barry Webb talks about CERC

Dr. Barry Webb, former Head of Old Testament at Moore Theological College and current Senior Research Fellow Emeritus, was in Malaysia to minister at the Gospel Growth Fellowship’s Creation to Consummation conference in 2011. While he was here we had the privilege of having him preach two sermons at CERC and record this interview.