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The Gospel in Matthew

Sunday, 10 January 2021 // God's Story: New Testament


Imagine this:

You were happily jamming to your favorite song in the car, then your friend suddenly hits skip and plays a new song.

After the cliffhanger at episode 7 of your favourite K-Drama, you realised episode 8 has not been uploaded.

Watching the protagonist preparing for the big showdown with his rival in the cinema but only to leave right before the action scene begins because of your stomachache and coming back to the end-credit scene.

These are all frustrating because you know, it is an unfinished business.

Whether its a song, movie or TV show, we all know stopping halfway means missing the whole thing.

Same for the Bible. God has been building up His story this entire time leading up to the anticipation of the Saviour, Christ. The Old Testament ended almost abruptly in the failure of Israel (or so it seems). When Christ comes, He comes as the ultimate King. What He does changes things across space and time.


Robin Gan


Passage references

Isaiah 40; Matthew 11


Jesus Messiah; Let Your Kingdom Come


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