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Sunday School reopens physical classrooms

22 May 2022

On 15 May, CERC Kids reopened Sunday School classrooms on church premises. It was after much careful deliberation, planning, and setting SOPs in place, Sunday School teachers welcomed children from ages 2-12 back to physical classrooms. 

First day back: Teachers and students in Kindy class at Anna House 

Emma, head of Children’s Ministry, said, “It’s been 2 years plus since Sunday School went completely virtual. There’s been a baby boom since then, and many of them who are now toddlers should experience learning in a physical classroom. Even though virtual classrooms are not all bad, nothing beats hands-on learning experiences. So we’re really excited to welcome the children back and teach them big truths about our great God!”

Slices of bread as decor: Juniors class learning about Jesus as the bread of life 

As part of getting the classrooms ready, the healthcare workers in CERC provided the necessary support for the Sunday School team so that parents would be at ease sending their kids for Sunday School. “After careful deliberation and consideration of the COVID-19 precautions we have implemented, we think it will be reasonably safe to resume physical Sunday School. It’s worth noting that there is still a virtual alternative which concerned parents may opt for. For my wife and I, we have decided to bring our 3 year old tot to Sunday School physically,” Dr. Eldwin Oui explained. 

Teaching the tots about God using skit and songs

A total of four classes for different age groups – Tots, Kindy, Juniors and Seniors – are currently available in both physical and virtual settings. Sunday School runs from 10 a.m. to 12 noon and parents can either pick up their kids after class or after the AM gathering.

“Yay! I can see the light!”: Students in Seniors class learning about what it means to be blind and in darkness, and how Jesus is the Light who shows them how they are to live for God

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