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Thankful for the many opportunities

Posted on 9 Jun 2016 by Vanessa Ong


Conducting 1-to-1 bible reading workshop at The Gospel & Kingdom of Disciples 2016

Hi everyone! Sorry for not updating. Some happy updates I’d love to share with you all.



Have had lots of opportunities to learn so I think my PREACHING BONANZA MONTH has been instrumental to my learning and growth. Although it was a little overwhelming at times, it was fun, rewarding, and most of all, beneficial for my training! In just one month (May), I’ve been able to develop in my preparation and delivering of sermons.

  1. Four talks at a high school Christian Fellowship camp
  2. Three talks at a university Christian Fellowship camp
  3. Two university Christian Fellowship talks
  4. One wake service talk
  5. One youth group talk
  6. One Counseling elective
  7. Two Reading-The-Bible-1-on-1 Workshops

The more I preach, the more I realize how much more learning I need and I am seeing the need to be trained formally in a theological seminary more and more. The more I preach, the more I learn how to cope with it. There’s a lot of opportunities left to train before I end my ministry training (coming up in August). Right now, I have got three talks to prepare for from 1 Corinthians to preach and one workshop to deliver in these few weeks. Church and dear friends, please pray that God will continue to grow me in this area.



Preaching at Taylors University Christian Fellowship Camp on the theme Saved To Serve

Clarity on my weaknesses and strengths

Even though it’s been less than year, I’ve been able to look at all my many ministries experiences and learn a lot from it all. I can’t say it’s been nice to look at weaknesses but these months of doing all sorts of things have been helpful (vital I think!) in my personal reflection and evaluation of my suitability for long-term ministry. I won’t say too much here (It will be an ultra long post!) but I can say that it’s a really good thing God has helped me know my limits, my weaknesses, what I do to cope and work with weaknesses, what are my clear strengths etc. … I wouldn’t have ministry training any other way. It’s the best way to assess oneself for future life of being challenged in terms of commitment, competence, and character.


My new home

After more than a year of hospitality from the Gan family (Thanks again to all the Gan kids, to my elder and of course, Joy!), I am now staying in a nicely-sized room in the new office. Love how my working space is just outside my room and now I get to see more church people walking in and out for meetings here which is nice!


A break! Enjoying Vietnamese Chinese New Year in Hanoi