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#WeAreCERC ft. Melissa Johnson

#WeAreCERC ft. Melissa Johnson “I’m not some superhuman mother who just does it all. But what helps me to get through the day and week is remembering who I am under God and my call to serve Him with all my life which includes caring for my husband, my kids, … Continue reading

Posted on 19th November 2019

A Reformer’s Starter Pack: Welcome to The Reformation!

A Reformer’s Starter Pack: Welcome To The Reformation! Reformation 500 Hoodie The day is October 31st. For many in the West, it is a day of costumes, scary ghosts and monsters, jack-o’-lanterns, candy, and parties. For some of us in Malaysia, it is the Festival of Lights, a celebration of … Continue reading

Posted on 2nd November 2019

Isabelle: It’s All About God! #Reformation

Isabelle: It’s All About God! #Reformation “Cool shirt! What does it say?” It was December 2018 and I was at my college’s Christian Fellowship camp. Mr. Wong and I were making our way to the eating area when I noticed his impressively designed (wink*design department) white T-shirt, on which titles … Continue reading

Posted on 28th October 2019

The Protestant Reformation: 3 Books to Get You Started!

The Protestant Reformation: 3 Books to Get You Started! The Protestant Reformation. Families were torn apart, wars were waged, states broke off from the church, and even the church itself was split into factions. All because of the Protestant Reformation (“Reformation”). Thus, it is of little surprise that the Reformation … Continue reading

Posted on 25th October 2019

Why Christians Should Always Talk About Sin

“We just want to share God’s love with people out there.”  This saying would probably go down to be the evangelism mantra of our age. Being one who takes Jesus’ call to evangelism seriously, I never thought that I would ever have to disagree with someone making that very statement … Continue reading

Posted on 18th October 2019

#WeAreCERC ft. Joshua Tay

Debate champion, Imperial College London engineering graduate, teacher, consultant, river rescuer, Joshua Tay. Once you get to know Joshua, you’ll find that he has a wide array of talents and experiences. Joshua received scholarships for A-Level programmes in private colleges in Malaysia and also for his undergraduate degree at Imperial … Continue reading

Posted on 15th October 2019

#WeAreCERC ft. Kae Sheng

Tall and always smiling – that’s the first thing that comes to mind when you meet Kae Sheng. Standing at 6 feet tall, many know him as a gentle giant. But what many may not know is that this Johorean is actually a multiple scholarship holder with a passion for creativity! … Continue reading

Posted on 30th September 2019

The Siblings Found by God, United in Christ (Baptism Edition)

Last week, CERC celebrated 6 baptisms at our annual camp! We want to not only encourage those who got to witness the baptism, but also all the brothers and sisters in Christ in the Klang Valley. Therefore, we interviewed the Lai siblings who got baptised together. How awesome is God … Continue reading

Posted on 20th September 2019

Can I Be a Crazy Rich Christian?

Name: Rhakjesh Age: 25 Occupation: Deals (M&A) Consultant Tell us about yourself. Before I became Christian, I grew up as a happy-go lucky kid without much thought about life as my parents provided well for me. My life’s focus was as simple as studying hard to get good grades, getting … Continue reading

Posted on 30th August 2019

What you can’t see from these photos

What you can’t see from this photo: – Hiding under my blanket is a hot water bottle & extra thick socks for my feet. – Exam time is crunch time – literally! My room floor is hidden under books, exam notes and enough snacks to feed an army.   – Reminders … Continue reading

Posted on 7th August 2019