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Joy Gan

And so we persevere…

We kicked off 2012 by having our CERC camp in February on “the Meaning of Life” in Ecclesiastes. It was great to be reminded that only life under our Sovereign Creator God by His Word is what brings meaning in this life and beyond. Everything else is meaningless. Please keep

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Posted on 11 Apr 2012

A year of challenges and blessings

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, We’ve finally moved into our new premise!… Thank you for your prayers and support which has allowed this to happen. We are very thankful to God for the availability of space which has enabled more people to join us, accommodation for our CERC apprentices

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Posted on 3 Dec 2011

June 2011

Dear friends, Much has happened since my last newsletter to you. In particular, we’ve seen encouraging growth & maturity in God’s people especially through the recent series of talks & bible studies on Isaiah. Do listen to some of the sharing that is on the support section of our website.

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Posted on 28 Jun 2011

March 2011

Dear friends, We kicked off 2011 by having our our 3rd CERC camp on “Wisdom” in February. It was really enjoyable spending 4 days away with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Many were challenged as to whether they were living wisely or foolishly whilst others were rejoicing to see

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Posted on 1 Apr 2011

October 2010

Dear partners in the gospel, We recently celebrated our 2nd year anniversary last month on the 29th of August (Foundation Day). We are truly thankful to God for His faithfulness in sustaining us and helping us to grow not only in numbers but in maturity. Recently, we’re also seeing some

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Posted on 3 Oct 2010

July 2010

Dear friends and partners in the Gospel, Thank you so much for your ongoing generosity, prayers and support toward the saints at CERC (Christ Evangelical Reformed Church). So much has happened in the past 6 months but we’d like to share with you a few highlights to encourage you. We

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Posted on 20 Jul 2010

February 2010

Dear friends, Time has flown amazingly fast last year, … and we’re already heading towards the Chinese New Year! Thanks as always for your partnership in the gospel, support and prayers for us. Just to update you on CERC (Christ Evangelical Reformed Church)…..By God’s grace, we were able to move

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Posted on 12 Feb 2010