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August 2013

Posted on 31 Aug 2013 by Joy Gan

Dear friends,

CERC’s going to be 5 years old!… What can we be thankful for?…. Lots!

I think it’s captured quite well in this song by Sovereign Grace “Receive the Glory”:

“All that we’ve accomplished
You have done for us
And any fruit we harvest
is a gift from Your hand

We are only jars of clay
that hold a priceless treasure
And we exist to bring You pleasure, O God”

Seeing the church start off with two people (Robin and myself), and seeing God grow it to where it is now, is truly by the grace of God. We’ve seen much encouragement and some sad moments over these past few years. Through all that, we’re reminded that this church belongs to the Lord Jesus, who is the Head over it. He calls us to be faithful, and to carry on the work that He’s begun. Pray that we would keep persevering as a church and stand united in the gospel.


Before…..                                                    Now…..

What’s been really encouraging for us is in seeing people’s lives being transformed by God’s Word and Spirit, resulting in gospel fervour for Him, love for each other, and perseverance & hope in Christ. Robin and I are privileged to be part of this wonderful work God began 5 years ago.

Some of the recent conferences that the church attended – Creation to Consummation (CTC) ( and Thinking Theologically Conference (TTC) ( have also helped deepen our understanding of God’s covenantal relationship with us as well as what it means to be a church under Christ & His Word.

SW & Adrian

Here’s Stephen Wellum, our speaker for CTC with one of our members, Adrian, tasting some local favourites 🙂

A recent point of thanksgiving is how God has opened up another ministry for us at a local kindergarten. The principal, Wendy, is a Christian and has been very supportive and encouraging towards gospel work. At Funstart, there are about 80 kids, many of whom are not Christians. Wendy has invited CERC to come and teach a bible lesson every couple of months, and is happy for us to share about our children’s evangelistic ministry “Little People” as well as Sunday School each week.

Funstart 2013

That’s Wendy standing next to the yellow door, and the CERC team in white sharing with the kids about SIN & trusting in CHRIST.

Little People was held about 2 weeks ago, and although numbers were a little down because of the Hari Raya Break, we still had quite a number of kids come. We’ve been teaching them some of the parables Jesus taught his disciples… and the one we did this round was “the lost Son”.

LP skit

Here’s a shot of “the lost Son” …played by Jeremy, in red.

Esther & Venice

Here are Esther & Venice, 2 delightful children whom God has brought from Little People to join our Sunday School. They come from a non-Christian family but have had the wonderful opportunity to hear the gospel each time they come. Please pray that their parents will continue to allow them to come to Sunday School so that they might know Christ more. Pray that more kids from Little People & their parents will come to CERC.

Whilst life is somewhat hectic balancing family, ministry and part time work, I’m thankful for every opportunity God gives me to serve Him. God has also raised up more people to help serve in the various ministries I’m overseeing.

Nat & Joy

Here’s Natalie, my co-leader at Mums Growth Group (GG). She became a Christian under Robin’s ministry and by God’s grace is continuing to mature under God’s Word. She also uses her gift of administration by serving CERC as our office manager.

Work & June

My part time work has been a real blessing – not only by serving the Lord through helping others, but in God providing opportunities for me to share the gospel with those I meet, including some work colleagues. Here’s June, one of the mother’s in my mums GG. Please pray that God will continue to use me for His glory.

Gan family

Last but not least, I’m thankful for being a wife to Robin and a mum to these 3 beautiful kids. Latimer will be turning 6 on Foundation Day! Recently, he’s being showing signs of God at work in His heart, and Robin and I pray that he will grow up to love and serve the Lord like his sisters, Ilona and Alethea.

Thank you once again for all your prayers and support for us and for CERC. It means a lot.

Love in Christ,