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June 2011

Dear friends,

Much has happened since my last newsletter to you. In particular, we’ve seen encouraging growth & maturity in God’s people especially through the recent series of talks & bible studies on Isaiah. Do listen to some of the sharing that is on the support section of our website.

Newcomers still visit us each week, and some have joined our Growth Groups. At the moment, we’re tackling the Heidelberg Catechism (A catechism of reformed protestant faith expressing how our only comfort in life and death is found in Christ).

One newcomer expressed how amazed she was in seeing “young” people studying something that was written so many centuries ago!

“Little People” was run a second time during the May school holidays when we saw 30 children come and hear that Jesus is the only one who can forgive their sins. Pray that more children will come to know Christ.

Work is still in progress with regards to our new venue… God willing, we hope to move in by the end of this year. Please pray for those involved in the 2nd shoplot that they’ll do their best to complete the work that’s needed. Pray also that God will provide the finances needed for this project as well as for ongoing ministry needs.

On the left: what it looks like now & on the right: what we hope it’ll look like once completed.

On a personal note: I’m starting some part time physio work this next month in order for me to get my feet wet again, as well as to support our family. I’m looking forward to the ministry & evangelistic opportunities it’ll open up. Please pray that I’ll be able to manage work, family and ministry with the strength that God provides.

(on the right: my 3 active children showing how much they’ve grown!)

Thank you for your continued support & prayers for CERC and the gospel in Malaysia. We really appreciate it. Please pray that God will keep sustaining us as a church amidst the challenges and difficulties we face, that we would always be Christ-centred and committed to His gospel. Pray that the Lord will raise up more godly shepherds to care for His people, and for Robin as he continues to pastor and lead CERC, and that I would to be a helper fit for him.

Posted on 28th June 2011