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Entering Year 3 in Seminary

Posted on 10 Aug 2016 by Jerome Leng

Hello everybody,

We hope all is well with you! The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the peace of God our Father be with you always. Robyn and I have been thinking of you and we’re both thankful to God for the grace that He has shown us through your support.

It has been two months since I last wrote to you and a lot has happened since then. Robyn and I shared the gospel with folks at St. Louis, travelled across North America to visit Jerome’s uncle and his family in Portland, completed two classes (we’re still preparing for a final), our apartment flooded and we moved to a new place. Robyn has also started her new job at the seminary clinic. It certainly was an eventful summer!


Personal Evangelism Class at St. Louis

For three days, Robyn and I paired as a team and we visited many people at their homes and shared the gospel with them. Many of the people we met did not know Christ and their need of forgiveness from God. Our hearts were filled with compassion for their souls. We prayed that God will use the little conversations we had with them to do His marvelous work in their hearts. At the end of the class, both of us were encouraged and hope to do more door to door evangelism.


Portland, Oregon

We also spent some time in Portland, Oregon with Jerome’s uncle and his family. They welcomed and brought us to many beautiful sites. Indeed, creation reveals the majesty and power of God as Creator!


*This picture was taken at Cape Kiwanda. You’re looking at the Pacific Ocean. There was a massive sand dune which we climbed to get a better view of the sea.



We travelled and visited many beautiful sites but what was especially dear to us was the time spent with Uncle Poh Hock and his family. We appreciated the extended time we had with each other as we talked about deep and important to simple and casual things.


*It was a beautiful evening to have a cookout on uncle Poh Hock’s deck.



Apartment Developments

One of the craziest things that happened to us was the flooding in our apartment. This incident happened in the third week of July. After it rained, water started coming out of our toilet bowl and bath tub. There was so much water that our bedroom and kitchen had an inch of sewage water. Some of our furniture and smaller items were damaged.

A group of maintenance guys were really helpful when they came to our apartment. They helped us move our bed, sucked up the water and cleaned our apartment for us after the plumbing was fixed. The seminary put us at a hotel for a couple of nights while they sorted the mess.


*So, the problem was that some roots clogged one of the main pipes beside our apartment. There was no way of getting to that pipe except for digging to it. While the plumbers were solving the problem, Robyn and I stayed at the hotel for two nights and a friend’s place for another two nights. When things were back to “normal” (the smell didn’t exactly go away completely), we moved back in for two more weeks before we moved to our new apartment. 

apt flood


We really enjoyed staying at our first apartment. It served us well for an entire year. Robyn and I are going to miss it. But we have to move because the seminary is going to renovate the building. So, we’re moving from one end of the campus to the other!


*Our new apartment turned out to be really spacious. We’re really thankful to God for our new place. It has been on our hearts to serve our friends by inviting them to our home. Showing hospitality is one way we can serve the body of Christ and demonstrate the love of Christ to unbelievers. We’re really glad that we can do that now!

New Apartment_2016


Our mailing address is still the same. If you want to drop us a note, please send it to:

SBTS 459
2825 Lexington Road
Louisville, KY 40280


Robyn’s New Job

Robyn started work at the clinic! She does a range of things from assisting the doctor to reception work to anyone who needs help with anything. She likes the variety and enjoys getting into the medical world again.

Robyn is going to work about 20 hours a week (that’s the limit because of our visa). With her salary, we are hoping that it will cover her tuition fees and save up some money. This job opportunity is another way that God has provided for us and we are incredibly thankful for His watchful care over us.


Fall Semester

For the Fall, I (Jerome) will be taking Old Testament 1, Systematic Theology 1, Greek 3 and Church History 2. Robyn will be taking Systematic Theology 1 (same class), Old Testament 2 and theological foundations in biblical counseling.

This fall is going to be a busy semester. We’re taking more difficult classes, both of us will be working and we’re more involved at Clifton. We’ll be teaching Sunday School twice a month to 1-year-old kids and Jerome is on the music team as a pianist.

As tough as the semester will be, we’re confident that God has great things in store for us. Already, God has provided for each of us with an $800 scholarship for this semester!


Prayer Points

  1. Please pray that we will settle in well in our new apartment and use it well. We hope for good and godly fellowship with those whom we host at our new home.
  2. Please pray for God to strengthen us as we study hard, work our jobs and serve the church. As Paul prays in Col 1:29, “For this I toil, struggling with all His energy that He powerfully works in me.” As limited creatures, we need God-given strength to press on.
  3. Please pray that God will protect us from temptation and sinful tendencies to ignore God and our marriage. Even with busy schedules, we want to nurture our relationship with God and each other.
  4. Please pray that God will be glorified in all that we say, think and do.


Please do continue to offer us gracious support as you have been doing. We are immensely grateful for your prayers, encouragement and giving.

May God bless our endeavours for the Kingdom as we enter the second half of the year!


In Christ,
Jerome and Robyn