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First “Mission Trip” in the U.S.

Posted on 17 May 2016 by Jerome Leng

The spring semester has finally ended! It was a gruelling semester but Robyn and I learnt many things about ourselves and theology. We really miss our families and friends back home. Some of the students here will be travelling to various parts of the world to discern their gifting as missionaries and to support missions work, even to the East Indies. Wish I could jump on the plane with them for a short visit home!

But we’ll be doing some travelling on our own too. In June, we’ll be going to St. Louis, Missouri for our “Personal Evangelism” course. Rather than sit in class for a week, we’ll be exploring downtown St. Louis, meeting folks and sharing the gospel. That’ll be our little summer adventure! We are really looking forward to the trip.

*Aerial view of St. Louis.


Spring highlight

Oh yes, the highlight for our Spring semester was the “Together for the Gospel” (T4G) conference. More than 10,000 people attended and 19,500 unique users watched the livestream. 48%of the attendees were first-timers. 56% of the attendees were under age 40. 200,000 free books were given out and they had 320 volunteers. Robyn was one of them. The conference’s purpose was to encourage believers, pastors especially, to keep the gospel central in their lives and ministries. The Reformation is not over.

*On the first day, Robyn had to be there early for her volunteer duty so I took a walk downtown to find a spot to pray.

T4G 1

*The bookstore reminded me of the Big Bad Wolf book sale, except that I actually wanted a lot of the books here. One of the members from CERC gave me a substantial book allowance and I am really grateful to her for that!

T4G 2

*Behold, the gathering! The singing was…a little taste of heaven!

T4G 3

Prayer Request

About Robyn’s visa…we got it! She’s applying for a job at the clinic and the lady who manages it is really helpful. Since Robyn has limitations on what she can do medically, the seminary is working out her new job description. We’re glad that Robyn has the opportunity to work and serve the campus community in this way. Thank God with us and please pray that Robyn will get the job at the clinic.

We are hoping for a fruitful summer of reading and evangelism. We’ll be taking two classes each so it’s not vacation time for us. Please pray for us that God will create many opportunities and prepare us well to share the gospel faithfully. We would also like to strengthen our relationship with some of our friends here. Please pray that we’ll be a blessing to them as we grow in our fellowship in Christ.

Moving forward,
Jerome and Robyn