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Jerome Leng

The MTS Series: Part 1 – What is MTS?

Grace and peace to you! This is the first of five posts. MTS is a pastoral apprenticeship program. Under the guidance of the Elder of CERC, you learn the demands and expectations of full time paid ministry (FTPM), the nuts and bolts of various ministries and your suitability to do … Continue reading

Posted on 27th August 2013 by Jerome Leng

The MTS Series: An Introduction

People often ask me, “What do you actually do?” After 3 years of being an MTS-er, I think I can finally answer that question. MTS was a mystery to me when I started and it is only in retrospect that I can now describe what I actually did and I … Continue reading

Posted on by Jerome Leng

Here’s What Happened in 2012

I thought it best that I share with you God’s goodness in nurturing and using me for His service throughout 2012. It was a fruitful year because many people that I’ve met have come to know Christ and matured in their faith. I too, grew a lot in my understanding of … Continue reading

Posted on 4th August 2013 by Jerome Leng