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Vanessa Ong

What you can’t see from these photos

What you can’t see from this photo – Hiding under my blanket is a hot water bottle & extra thick socks for my feet. – Exam time is crunch time – literally! My room floor is hidden under books, exam notes and enough snacks to feed an army.   – Reminders … Continue reading

Posted on 7th August 2019

Why my life is not boring (Bonus section: Why I listen to BTS)

Do you ever get that feeling of just wanting to do something crazy? How often do you get that feeling? After comparing myself with others for some years, it seems that I am one of those types who get that feeling slightly more than others. Without hesitation, I’d be on … Continue reading

Posted on 8th April 2019

Goodbye Again (I’m jealous)

1. Dan and Van are back! I feel sooooo far away from Australia. Even Newtown (The place I live in Sydney) sounds like…a familiar yet new[?] town… Basically, so much has happened since I got back, I have almost forgotten I am a full-time student in the middle of my … Continue reading

Posted on 9th February 2019

Van in Sydney (with Dan!)

I’ve been told I’ve underperformed in being a proper tourist in the five months I’ve been here. (But I can only handle one kind of exploring at a time. I’ve been a ‘tourist’ in the ancient languages – SO MANY new sights and sounds with Greek and Hebrew!) But now, … Continue reading

Posted on 2nd August 2018

Time in seminary – Not what I expected!

Before I arrived in seminary, I imagined college would be: Learning Greek and Hebrew. Learning lots of content from lectures (e.g. New Testament, BT). Doing assignments to sharpen theology. Asking tough content questions. However, after looking back at my previous blog post, I realized how I imagined life in seminary … Continue reading

Posted on 31st March 2018

Goodbye with last words, survival tips and mushy stuff

Goodbye When I am not too busy being nervous about leaving Malaysia and my beloved church for three years, I’d daydream about the children’s lessons that I will write after coming back from seminary. I’d imagine the depth and precision the children’s syllabus will have and the children’s resulting sense … Continue reading

Posted on 26th January 2018

Is it “less Christian” to travel?

Perhaps some of you may have had your conscience pricked. “Is it right for me to travel away from the church for so long?” And maybe there are some of you who have never had your conscience pricked. “What’s wrong? I can just find an English-speaking gospel-preaching church in Spain … Continue reading

Posted on 4th August 2017

Streakness Number One and Other Things

It’s been two years and it’s assessment-writing time for me, guys! I’ve been going through my ministry reflections since the beginning of Ministry Training and am AMAZED and BAFFLED as I look through my “first-times”. First time leading TGG MonSun (Monash and Sunway students) First time preaching Ecclesiastes at a … Continue reading

Posted on 21st October 2016

Thankful for the many opportunities

Hi everyone! Sorry for not updating. Some happy updates I’d love to share with you all.   Preaching Have had lots of opportunities to learn so I think my PREACHING BONANZA MONTH has been instrumental to my learning and growth. Although it was a little overwhelming at times, it was … Continue reading

Posted on 9th June 2016

MTS: No way! Less than a year?!

Hey everyone! A question I get asked most often apart from “How old are you?” (from the youth and campus students) is “Van, how’s MTS?” My apologies if I didn’t answer you as well as I would like to in person – so I hope this post gives you a … Continue reading

Posted on 28th September 2015