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Joy Gan

12 Years with This Church, CERC ft. Joy Gan

12 Years with This Church, CERC ft. Joy Gan With Robin and our three children As I look back over the past 12 years, I see God’s sovereign hand and mercy in our church — from its birth, to its growth, and in its perseverance. CERC is a testament of … Continue reading

Posted on 24th August 2020

How the pandemic changed my life

How the pandemic changed my life 7 June, 2020 — by Joy Gan We take a lot of things for granted sometimes – that we’ll get up every day and the week will look roughly the same – fetch the kids to school, cook the meals, work part-time on the … Continue reading

Posted on 7th June 2020

Soli Deo Gloria

Dear friends, It’s been a while since I last wrote because so many things have happened since my last entry. Well, for one, the kids have grown up to be now tweens and a teen. I’ve really enjoyed being a mum to these little adults amidst their tantrums, difficulties and … Continue reading

Posted on 7th September 2017

A faithful God

This year, CERC is thankful to God for the 4 couples who are committing to each other in holy matrimony. We’re thankful not because marriage is about finding the ‘right’ one – but because God Himself is faithful, and that each couple, “for richer for poorer, in sickness and in … Continue reading

Posted on 5th April 2015

May 2014

Dear friends,   About 2 months ago, our family took some time off to go for a short break just off the coast of Johor. It was lovely to spend time with each other, to strengthen bonds and just to have some good fun! Some of the enjoyable things we … Continue reading

Posted on 31st May 2014

December 2013

Dear friends, Lots of exciting things have happened since I last wrote. Latimer’s baptism Well, for one, God answered our prayer when our youngest, Latimer, came to faith in Christ Jesus in mid September. He’d been praying a few weeks before,  “Dear God, please help me to become a Christian”. … Continue reading

Posted on 22nd December 2013

August 2013

Dear friends, CERC’s going to be 5 years old!… What can we be thankful for?…. Lots! I think it’s captured quite well in this song by Sovereign Grace “Receive the Glory”: “All that we’ve accomplished You have done for us And any fruit we harvest is a gift from Your … Continue reading

Posted on 31st August 2013

April 2013

Dear friends, I want to share with you something exciting that happened last weekend. Our 2nd daughter, Alethea Gan (along with 7 others) was baptised into the family of Christ 🙂 On her 7th birthday, she was walking along the beach at our family holiday… And after having had good … Continue reading

Posted on 17th April 2013

December 2012

Dear friends, How fast another year has gone!… We thank God for your support, prayers and partnership in the gospel that have encouraged us to persevere in doing the Lord’s work at CERC. Here are some highlights of CERC’s ministry throughout this year to encourage you 🙂 Our Little People … Continue reading

Posted on 18th December 2012

And so we persevere…

We kicked off 2012 by having our CERC camp in February on “the Meaning of Life” in Ecclesiastes. It was great to be reminded that only life under our Sovereign Creator God by His Word is what brings meaning in this life and beyond. Everything else is meaningless. Please keep … Continue reading

Posted on 11th April 2012