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#GodsStory ft. Ze Woon: How BT Exposed My Ignorance of the Truth

Posted on 27 May 2020 by CERC

#GodsStory ft. Ze Woon: How BT Exposed My Ignorance of the Truth

If God only predestined selected people to salvation, His love is abhorrent at best. The only reason why Christians don’t complain about this is because we are the “lucky” ones, just like how terrible human dictators favour a selected few over others.

That’s what I thought.

Biblical theology (BT) was eisegesis – interpreting text based on our own biases – because it dictates the interpretations of all Scripture, making us no different than those who say “This is true because my pastor said…” It’s hypocritical and I should resist it.

That’s what I thought.

But that all changed when I realised BT brought to light certain misconceptions I had about the gospel.

Ze Woon_biblical theology CERC

My name is Woon Hong Ze and I am a final-year dietetics student. I came to CERC after learning about the importance of theology through the Christian fellowship at my university. I’ve been attending CERC for almost 2 years now. It has been a rough ride but I have grown much through it too. BT exposed my ignorance of the truth and corrected my errors.

I Thought I Was The Main Character of My Life, Until…

I never quite understood what it meant for Christ to be the purpose of creation. But through the story framework of BT, I realised that He is like the main character of a story. In this case, God’s story. It made sense now to see myself as the side character of that story, and like many good stories, I will have no shame in serving the main character — Christ.

I’m not the main character of my life or God’s story; Christ is. Christ must increase, but I must decrease. With this understanding, gladly I will decrease.


I was Blind to Christ’s Sacrifice

I thought I understood the magnitude of Christ’s sacrifice, but after taking the time to go through Leviticus in a BT framework and some Internet searching of my own, I realised just how painful animal sacrifice can be, and hence how painful and precious Christ’s sacrifice actually was. How blind was I to only grasp the concept of sacrifice abstractly because of the comfort I have as a modern citizen; to have animals slaughtered for me and suffering kept out of my sight? Without BT, I would not be able to reflect upon Christ’s sacrifice like this.

It was Culture that Informed Me of the World, not the Bible

I thought that the Bible informed me about the world, but through Bible studies during GG, I realised that it was culture that informed me instead. Take for instance the idea of shame and grace. The first instance of shame is the Fall, whilst one of the first instances of grace is when God clothed Adam and Eve. I couldn’t identify them as such until informed by others. How then did I understand the many instances of shame and grace in my life? Surely there is even more that I do not know about God.

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