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Expectations vs Reality

Posted on 15 Jul 2019 by CERC

It is of irreplaceable significance to be a part of the first few who pursued to live out the realities of the Gospel, pioneering as a family of men and women transformed by His Spirit, setting in motion the wheels of this Christ-centred, God-glorifying ministry to make disciples for our Lord Jesus in the Klang Valley.

I expected a smooth-sailing “journey” to start, nurture and grow the ministry. I thought that if we just preached the Bible faithfully, the church will thrive. Nobody said it was going to be easy, but when reality sets in, in terms of 

how much time, 

how many people, 

how much resistance, 

how many sacrifices, 

how much money, 

how many decisions, 

how much planning, 

how many adjustments, 

and the list goes on and on,

we truly come to know just how great an undertaking kingdom building in this fallen world is.

Come to think of it…

How much time does it take to read a chapter of a book in the Bible?
How many people does it take to run an assembly of God’s people at church every Sunday?
How much resistance does one receive when meeting 1-on-1 to have conversations over God’s Word?
How many sacrifices does a leader have to make to love his members and encourage them in word and works?
How much money do we spend on ensuring that ministry is carried out faithfully, when we have little to begin with?
How many decisions, plans and adjustments in life do we make for the sake of being the gathered people of God?

No, seriously, think about it.

If not for what Christ has done for us, we would neither bother nor be able to serve Him. So, the reality of it all is, and will always be, that as disciples of Christ, we are to be devoted to The Lord, to please The Lord.

Getting My Hands Dirty In His Plantation

Despite being away in Leipzig, Germany for work, thus, missing the first 4 months of CERC’s humble beginnings. I recall my exuberance to quickly return from the land where the Reformation started (read more about the reformation here), back to Malaysia and get my hands dirty in the church planting activities, looking forward to the many lives we will impact for the growth and expansion of His Kingdom.

With fellow GG members from Leipzig English Church (LEC)
With a fellow friend at my farewell

Well, it has been a little over a decade now. Year after year, sermon series after sermon series, book after book, yet still grounded and rooted in the very foundation of proclaiming The Gospel which saves and judges. I have experienced the joys of personal growth, also seen in the leading of my wife and upbringing of my children, pastoral shepherding of my USJ Growth Group members and godly concern for others under our care. I have also experienced the sadness and loss over those who have chosen to live for themselves, entwined themselves on the promises that this world offers and would rather rot away and be cut off as they forsake the faith to pursue sin and its pleasures.

Got my hands dirty, alright.

“I Am Blessed, I Hope!”

(Instead of “I Hope?”, notice the “!” instead of a doubtful “?”)

With my wife, Natalie on our wedding day
Fast forward some years later, we have three children!

Indeed celebrating 11 years of married life (which is exactly the same number of years of CERC’s existence), my family and I have a strong sense of belonging in CERC to serve alongside the members as a community of saved sinners, loving God and His people till the Day comes.

Truly we are blessed to be the ones who recognise Jesus’ Lordship, and therefore, are bearing fruit in keeping with repentance. Not a day goes by – that I’m not grateful for the revelation of His Kingdom truths.

In a sinful world, full of lies, where man’s self-centeredness is widely preached to satisfy what our itching ears want to hear, where the position of:

  1. living the “good” life of health, wealth, unity and prosperity has become the norm that is driving and motivating Christians to pursue worldly pleasures and desires in the guise of “in Jesus’ name” instead of godliness and servanthood,

is juxtaposed against the position of:

  1. being persecuted and ostracised for standing up for the truths in Scripture due to being perceived as trouble-making, overly intense or radical for The Gospel,

I invite you to consider which seems closer to faithful Christian living (Read more). This really does set the tone for ministry in the Klang Valley, Malaysia and the rest of the world.

Without the due appropriation of who The Christ is, then all sorts of false doctrine will creep in, which destroys His church from the inside.

It is with this in mind, that I strive with the other leaders and members of CERC to continue faithful ministry with hopes of defending His Gospel.

His Will Be Done, Amen!

With fellow USJ Growth Group members

May our Father’s will be done through the persevering of His church and sheep in CERC. Here’s to many more years of service to His Majesty!

Ken Ooi
Husband to Natalie, father to Renae, Ryan and Riley.