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The truth about love in Hosea

Bryan Kan TGG INTI The Hosea sermon series taught me that true love involves discipline, which means God’s judgment is essential for His people to repent. This was so hard for me to grasp in the book of Hosea, considering that the culture I’m in elevates tolerance and positivity, resulting

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Posted on 14 Feb 2022

Being a Christian is Serious Business

“I knew that if I didn’t belong to a church, I would be everywhere else but not in the household of God. Being apart from God’s people is like being a limb detached from one’s body; it will eventually rot.” This realisation was what drove Tan Kok Keong to commit

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Posted on 18 Nov 2021

How CERC’s Ephesians Series Taught Me to Wear My Armour

Andrea DavidMums GG Going through the book of Ephesians has once again reminded me of God’s immense grace and mercy towards my life as I recall how He opened up my eyes and mind to notice and question things that mattered in His perspective. When I was a teenager, I

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Posted on 4 Oct 2021

How I Came To Know the Gospel in CERC

At CERC we’re engaged in God’s great mission to gather a people for Himself through Christ (Matthew 28:18-20). In this article, you will find individuals from our congregation that by God’s grace received the gospel through the preaching of His Word, and who are now living for this same mission

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Posted on 17 Jul 2021

Church membership is not an empty candy wrapper | Ephesians reflection by Shaun Alex Thomas

Hamburger earmuffs. Shoe umbrellas. Church membership? The Shaun of 3 years ago wouldn’t have blinked an eye at lumping these three seemingly disparate items into the same bin of pointless frivolities that are of no use to anyone. But not only would the Shaun of today not dispose of church

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Posted on 14 Jul 2021

Motherhood: parenting like God ft. Jan Tie

If you prefer reading, here is a transcript of the video! I: Hi Jan! J: Hi Isabelle! I: You know, I’ve never actually met Auggie yet. J: Oh is it? Oh yeah… I: I mean, I’ve seen him. I’ve seen you guys carry him, but I’ve never met him personally. 

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Posted on 6 Jul 2021

Growing Children’s Ministry During a Pandemic: A Conversation with a Sunday School Teacher and Parent (New CERC Kids Instagram Account!)

During the pandemic, instead of our Children’s ministry shrinking in size, our Children’s ministry grew to accommodate more kids than before. We are thankful to God and thankful to the parents and teachers for their hard work and passion for the children. We love that they hold on to high

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Posted on 3 Jul 2021

The Story of Wibrandis Samuel Sam

This post was written by Joni and Sam in recount of the birth of their daughter, Wibrandis Samuel Sam. On the 31st of July, I folded and tucked away the last few pieces of my baby girl’s clothing. I had spent most of MCO preparing for her arrival and just

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Posted on 24 Dec 2020

Is Christmas Even Worth Celebrating?

This blogpost is part of our Christmas series this year. When I was studying in Canada, Christmas was HUGEEEE! Everyone looked forward to it, they counted down the days to it even in October! Imagine also having a White Christmas with snow all around you, it was actually kinda magical

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Posted on 17 Dec 2020