12 Years with This Church, CERC ft. Ooi Ken Lee

Posted on 24 Aug 2020 by CERC

12 Years with This Church, CERC ft. Ooi Ken Lee

With Nat and our three kids

Becoming a member of CERC 12 years ago is a nostalgic and surreal memory. Incidentally, I’m celebrating my 12th wedding anniversary this year as well! Over the years, the numerous ups and downs revealed the gospel reality of sinful men’s opposition to God’s Word and truth. Yet, in return, God is continually glorified as His Kingdom grows within the local church. 

I honestly cannot name one moment that was particularly significant; not because there were no significant moments, but because we have been consistent and faithful YEAR AFTER YEAR. “Speaking the truth in love” has always been the mode of interaction/relationship in church.

We are all brothers and sisters – united in Christ to encourage and spur one another to glorify God in our words and our actions.


It is a collective effort not just by the Elders, GG Leaders and Heads of Department, but also from every member – I daresay that we stand firm as a church that does NOT compromise on God’s truth!

If you have ever heard of the idiom, “give someone an inch and they’ll take a mile”, then you will understand that from church history, current events and even the outlook of where the world is headed – once truth is compromised for even a single bit, it’s easy to fall into a compounding downward spiral that will snowball into falsehood and ultimately chaos/anarchy. So, don’t ever let the world and its lies take hold of you – keep being faithful and trust that whether it’s the past, present, or future – God’s TRUTH remains unchanging and should therefore NEVER be compromised!

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